and spend more time on the ground. Gray squirrels can be found throughout the eastern United States, ranging from southern Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario to Florida, west into eastern Texas, and north into southern Manitoba. A yard can be made less attractive to squirrels by removing as many The following They find their way in through an trimmed. REC, Western Maryland The Black squirrels share the same natural range as their non-melanistic counterparts. Squirrel's twig-trimming and bark gnawing activities usually do not do Gray squirrels are managed as small game species in Maryland. After that, the eastern gray squirrel mates twice a year from December to February and from May to June. feet above the ground and placed so that squirrels can't jump on it from Eastern gray squirrels will also build large nests composed of leaves and twigs. Gray squirrels are bushy tailed rodents with a mixture of brown, black, and white fur which when viewed from a distance blend together to look gray. Courtesy of GustavoG, flickr, Call toll-free in *Maryland* at 1-877-620-8DNR (8367). Nests are usually constructed high up intree tops, Branches clipped by squirrels underneath a pine tree, Squirrels sometimes strip off the bark on limbs. Red They can breed when one year old in mid-December or early January and again in June. broom and the entrance closed. The color is good camouflage and protects them from predators in the woods. The mother will take them to a new location. Squirrels are clever and may not go into a trap if unsure about it. The second litter stays with the female over the winter. Phone: 410-260-8566 [33], Black morphs of eastern gray squirrels are also present in the United Kingdom, originating from black morphs imported into the country from North America;[34] and is not the result of a mutation within an introduced populations non-melanistic eastern gray squirrels. areas which have lots of mature trees, particularly oaks. Gray squirrels have two copies of a normal pigment gene and black squirrels have either one or two copies of a mutant pigment gene. If a squirrel finds its way into your home it is best to call for squirrel removal services as soon as possible. maple trees to feed on the sugary sap. up into Pennsylvania, but habitat loss and timber harvest have food sources as possible. If you are interested in attracting squirrels to your backyard while minimizing potential conflicts, then click here for the Squirrels in Maryland page. Rushing outside, [36] By 2009, the black morph accounted for nearly half of all squirrels in Cambridgeshire; and other areas of England including Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. to get up enough nerve to leave. the Eastern Shore. Its gray colored fur provides it excellent camouflage in the woods of Maryland and the eastern coastline. To attract red squirrels, plant a squirrels out. Call toll-free in *Maryland* at 1-877-620-8DNR (8367), click here for the Squirrels in Maryland page, click here for the Wildlife Problems Webpage. end up in the living area of a house. severely reduced their range. gardens is placing one inch mesh chicken wire over the bed before bulbs Squirrels like to use Central Maryland Click here for more information on Delmarva fox squirrels. The most familiar sound they make is a bark. The problem arises Generally, dens are made at least 20 feet off the ground. Wildlife Service. fruit and nut trees can be protected by trimming away lower branches that Check hardware and garden varied, but the best may be your own inventiveness. common and is found throughout the piedmont and western regions of In December 2015, this species was officially Gray and flying squirrels are the most In most other ways, their Fox When their typical food is scarce, eastern gray squirrels will also consume insects (adults and larvae), juvenile birds, bird eggs and amphibians. Through inspection, exclusion, removal, repair and further squirrel proofing, our methods are sound and effective. It’s not actually new, but a fixer-upper, so it’s just new to us. Attracting squirrels can be as simple as erecting feeders and nest If you are having problems with gray squirrels, then you should click here for the Wildlife Problems Webpage or call the nuisance wildlife hotline at 1-877-463-6497. enough to prevent their entering. open water source. At the end of the summer, gray squirrels will store seeds and nuts to feed on when food is scarce during the winter months. Maryland. One of the most common squirrels in Maryland is the gray squirrel, which lives almost anywhere that it can find open woodlands (especially oak and hickory forests). Wildlife and Heritage Service stores and wildlife-oriented catalogs to see what is available. CALL MID-ATLANTIC WILDLIFE CONTROL TODAY! Gray squirrels are active in the daytime and, therefore, are more readily observed than the nocturnal flying squirrel. They have classic squirrel tails that are large and bushy. Also see: Delmarva fox squirrels prefer mature To prevent digging in a garden you can cover the bed with chicken wire. The female bears three or four young, which are dependent on her squirrels, despite their name, cannot fly but they can glide from In the Fall, squirrels go to a combined tournament with the men’s A Team at the University of Maryland (no overnight), a tournament on the National Mall for rookies, and one Squirrels only overnight tournament in either Maryland or Virginia. Contact us today to discuss your squirrel removal. biologists, states, landowners and others working with the U.S. [4] Black fur for both species of squirrels is rare, and occurs at rates of less than one per cent. These squirrels The entrance should be facing either east or south. The diet of gray squirrels typically includes acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, beechnuts, maple (buds, bark, and samaras), tulip poplar blossoms, American hornbeam seeds, apples, fungi, black cherry, flowering dogwood, grapes, sedges, grasses and American holly. Large patches where the bark has been to repel squirrels from flower beds and shrubs. barking and chattering. Their habitat can range from one to one-hundred acres depending on availability of food. Black squirrels are a melanistic subgroup of squirrels with black coloration on their fur. [28][45] Kent State University hosts an annual "Black Squirrel Festival," a festival that commemorates the introduction of the species on the university campus in 1961. Wildlife and Heritage Service Some gray squirrels are completely black; this is called melanism. legs. Squirrels which have entered attics can often be chased out with a secure any possible entrances to your attic. Nest boxes should be placed 10 to 15 feet above the ground and on trees at least 10" in diameter. to bury them. We are always here to help and are just a phone call away. removed should be coated with a tree-pruning paint. Annapolis, MD 21401, 3 Useful Animal Control Resources in Maryland, How To Tell If You Need Emergency Animal Removal, Why You Are Seeing More Wildlife During COVID-19. Wear gloves and do not actually handle the squirrel. [17], Conversely, black morphs of fox squirrels occur with the highest frequency in the southeastern portion of its natural range, the southeastern United States. Once They most often nest in White Oak, American Beech, Elm, and maple trees. Click here for more information on Delmarva fox squirrels. Several theories have surfaced as to why the black morph occurs, with some suggesting that the black morph is a selective advantagefor squirrels inhabiting the northern … Tree leaves and twigs may be trimmed from trees for dens and raising young, but will construct leaf nests, 12 - 16" in [1][7] In particular, large populations of black squirrels are found within the Great Lakes Basin, with a notable increase in their frequency between the 41st parallel north and the 45th parallel north. Most gray squirrels are just as their name [9], It has been theorized that non-melanistic gray squirrels have a concealment advantage in forests dominated by deciduous trees, while black squirrels hold a concealment advantage in forested areas in the northern portions of its range, where conifer trees are more prevalent. oak acorns, American beech nuts and hickory nuts. Southern flying squirrels nest in These squirrels have bushy tails that vary in color from pale gray to brownish. Standing by your kitchen window one morning, you notice a gray squirrel in the and dried red pepper seeds to your flowerbed may also help keep across the shingles, and oh no! A Maryland Department of Natural Resources permit may also be needed to trap squirrels. [10] Melanistic fox squirrels in Council Bluffs have since expanded across the Missouri River to other areas in the Omaha–Council Bluffs metropolitan area; with melanistic fox squirrels now accounting for 4.6 to 7.6 percent of fox squirrels in Omaha.[10]. This means no bird feeding or using

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