This was a band last spring. The blockheads in congress got their jobs by making an appeal to fear, an appeal to regression, and an appeal to jerks who were sufficiently riled up by the campaigning and their choice in news outlets to vote in greater numbers than this country's moderate voters. they‘ve mostly been good ones. We may have made domestic violence, rape, child abuse, and stalking a crime but look how victims are treated! Mine dies back every year and eventually catches up.... How do you like the Bordeaux so far. We need to start pushing back at those who stubbornly fight against 'letting' other groups of people have the same rights that we do, and insist that they are the only ones who 'deserve' such 'privileges'. Told you I would I'd forget someone. BEROLINA HT has been blooming non stop since late April and is still putting on new growth. I had 2 blooms that I really liked, then rabbits ate it to the ground! KarenPA_6b. Dave, do you do anything special for your First Crush? thank you Sara Fiji has been slower than the others to get going but otherwise is very nice. You should post some of your pictures there when you have a chance. Subk3 was asking about SA grafted vs own root on a different thread a week or so ago. I love Beverly, There are just so many great Kordes roses, but I know they’re not all perfect all the time, just trying to figure it all out, I sure love learning which ones are everyone’s favorites.and do the best for each of you. Savannah at the Birmingham botanical garden. I planted BLUE GIRL, even though I’ve read mixed reviews about it, thought I’d give it a try. Dark Desire (grafted? Lavaglut produces amazing sprays, the dark foliage provides a wonderful complement. That is indeed me (not a very tall Cuban girl). They only carried FC for a couple of years and, sadly, none of the Parfuma collection was sold this year. I can vouch for Pink Enchantment. I should have taken this picture before I cut the lower blooms off for bouquets…it does normally have blooms from top to bottom, but here is mine from this morning (ignore Madame A who badly needs to be deadheaded behind DD): Dianela, I stare in amazement at your very young garden, and can't imagine how it got so mature in only 3 years. Queen of hearts is clean til July. Do you have yours in the ground or pot? I also have Summer Romance (OR) which is very healthy, but with few blooms thus far. It also seems very healthy ( I have not been spraying it). Maybe at some point I will learn to plan better and I could stop having to dig everything up. I am having to spray for fungus every other week or my Austins look rough. My established ones are Poseidon, Beverly, Zaide, Plum Perfect, Crazy Love, and Out of Rosenheim. I know I'm just dreaming, too, but you don't know until you try. They are not Kordes roses though. As far as spraying goes, I was never very good at doing it regularly…maybe once a month at best…and finally just decided to quit altogether. Patty, I can't find the name Siena Vigorosa on the Kordes USA website...Where did you get that rose? The blooms are charming and the color can be similar to DD. Not sure what your exact situation is but a picture and some measurements might help. Harlekin is gorgeous Deborah and I’ve always admired Rosarian Uetersen! Strange bc I know a lot of people love her. This thread has been a wonderful tutorial in Kordes roses. In 1887 in a small town north of Hamburg, Germany called Elmshorn, 22 year old Wilhelm Kordes founded a nursery for the production of rose plants called W. Kordes’ Sohne. Glad I didn't shovel prune it! I am also thinking of ordering the York Square Arm upholstered sofa. I’m sorry yours have been dwindling, flowers. Most likely left some out. I'm glad you've got a new SV. Patty, Siena Vigorosa is so gorgeous. I hope not. Last year I accidentally bought a pallet of manure with not so composted chicken poop in it. Continuous and healthy. South Africa, Sunny Sky (really large bush), Fire Opal, Heart Song, Floral Fairy Tale (as an own root about the size and shape of Cream Veranda), Flamingo ( if you like them bright), Karl Ploberger, Plum Perfect (she is), Innocensia (sweet thing) and Dark Desire (I agree). One came from Northland as an own root and two came from big box stores, probably grafted - don't remember. I cut mine back by at least half to 2/3 each year, but it still grows to around 8 ft x 8 ft by end of season. My established Beverly is about 6 ft tall I think. I don't believe Northland sells it anymore, so it may just not be the rose for this climate. Are you whipping up secret formulas in the lab that make roses grow exceptionally large and beautiful in the shortest amount of time? Those globular blooms are my idea of perfection. Sara Ann, Bliss is amazing, I love it and will get multiples of it one day. It looks like it has a blush edge? A lot of people have had great success with it. I think Beverly is a beautiful color, but sometimes almost looks neon pink for me. Summer Memories and Zaide (which seems to be a widespread favorite) also do well in my garden. I asked about queen of hearts. It now stands in the corner of my den in Alabama. I have had a black and gold bedroom set in the past and it was very nice. I saw it on that one recent thread and it looked beautiful. My zone might even be the same as yours by now, but that rose just wanted something I didn't have or didn't know to give it. Having said that I have found some beautiful items in black and white damask recently even bedding which I really like. RU, full Bush. Witchygirl, your Earth Angel is looking good. I’ve been back and forth on Wedding Bells, wondering if it would be too similar to Beverly, even though it does look different in the pictures. I am really glad to see how fantastic they are looking for all of you. Wedding Bells is new from last fall. Full of leaves, good rebloom, no fragrance. Blooms up a storm. No secrets around here. I got one from HCR, but it's small at the moment. I am hopping it will stay on the smaller side here. The last one is coming out this year unless I figure out how to help it. Hands down....South Africa. I grow several of the newer Kords roses but my best one is Sunny Sky. These blooms are still on the bush, three weeks later and still look good. But always a couple of blooms and she is a hybrid tea. Thanks everyone for sharing your recommendations. All were new plants this year and show signs of coming into their own. Tall HT/Grandiflora? At this point I am laughing aloud at my level of stupidity. Or will I regret not going for a light grey/ oatmeal color... anyone with experience with having a white potterybarn sofa I would really appreciate any and all advice. If you like red roses - Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale has been very, very good the last five years, completely healthy and is now one of few roses in my garden that blooms profusely. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Berolina just keeps blooming, love it when roses do that! But, despite its mild fragrance, my favorite Kordes is Caramel Antike--huge, substantial, creamy buff-yellow blooms that last and last both on the bush and in a vase. They are carefully evaluated for such qualities as color, size, form, vase life, disease resistance, and fragrance. Laguna. And, if it is, you are much too young to have all those letters after your name - if not yet, then, soon. I think I’ve had it since 2014. Like the bloom here, which is near,ly perfect, but the color is almost too much! I hope there are more reports on Quicksilver next year.

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