This recipe is a vindaye de poisson, but there is also vindaye with meat. Vindaye can be served either hot or at room temperature. More Healthy Fish Recipes, A fragrant herbed butter and roasted lemon slices complement the sweet, nutty flavor of red snapper for a super-fresh dish. The flavour is not … © Copyright 2002–2020 Christianne Muusers - 3 Tbsp vinegar Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework, Music, Dances & Songs- Lanmizik, Ladans ek Sanson, History & Historical Events- Zistwar ek Levennman Istorik, Fermented cane juice in Seychelles- Baka dan Sesel, Shark Chutney - Satini Reken Bring to the boil, poach the fish until done (three to ten minutes, depending on what fish and in what form it is prepared). Mission: Search out the history of PT109 while chasing Green Jobfish He automatically thought of the long skinny bottle of Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce that was a staple on his family's dinner table because it seemed to go with…, Sometimes we forget that there is more to Mexican food than our favorite enchiladas and puffy tacos. It all began in 1720, with the arrival of the French at Isle de France, as they had renamed the Island of Mauritius formerly occupied by the Dutch. Chef Allen Susser prefers to use firm white-fleshed fish like red snapper and grouper, as well as conch and rock shrimp, for ceviches, because they keep their shape well. See more ideas about Snapper recipes, Recipes, Fish recipes. The French book is titled Deux siècles de Cuisine. If you want more sauce, add some water, the vindaye is a rather dry curry. and green jobfish (‘vacoas’ or Aprion virescens). Whatever fish you choose, it has to have firm meat. Mauritian cuisine is defined as “exotic”, the term usually attributed to the cuisines of tropical climates. Veracruz is a central Mexican city on the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s where many Spanish conquistadors landed when first coming to the Americas. Mauritius is apparently the only country where these three cuisines do constantly appear on the same menu, if not in the same plate, thus positioning it among the exotic cuisines offering the most variety. Top with a strawberry-mango salsa that is slightly sweet with a kick of heat from the addition of a poblano pepper. I’ve heard that remark several times in the summer of 2006 during my vacation on Mauritius. This healthy snapper recipe, Snapper Barbados, combines lime juice, parsley, thyme, shallots, garlic and spices for a delicious tropical snapper dish. Add the fish (whole, filets or diced) to the same oil. salt to taste Literally, right off the hook, chilled and immediately shipped to … Temper the vinegar with the turmeric. The Dutch name is ‘geelwortel’ (yellowroot), and that is exactly what turmeric is: very, very yellow, nearly orange. So, on behalf of my fellow countrymen of the distant past: Sorry. “Being on the water to fish was magic – crystal clear water, 30-degree day and not a breath of wind on the ocean. On Mauritius the name got ‘Frenchified’ into ‘vin d’ail’, and ended up as ‘vindaye’ in Creole. Or use latex gloves. If it is to be served hot, it is best heated in the micro-wave. And this is one reason why all those having at heart its preservation should endeavour making it better known, especially to those visitors who would enjoy discovering. The recipes were written down by the grandmother of monsieur Hein, Madame Alice Lesur Rey (1873-1942). Amazing Seafood Recipes. In those days it was customary for marriageable girls to write their own cookery notes, to be prepared for their role as the lady of the house. Modern versions of this recipe often add mustard or mustard seeds together with the other spices. The result is…. More Healthy Fish Recipes. The flats and lagoons of the outer islands are renowned for their bone-fishing which is considered to be among the very best in the world. Jamaicans call this dish "roast fish," even though the seafood actually steams in a foil packet with vegetables. They abandoned Mauritius in 1710. Here, culinary traditions began to meld—not only Spanish but also Mediterranean, French, and Caribbean. Swordfish - High fat, Low moisture, medium to firm texture. 1 tsp turmeric Chipotle peppers add a smoky, spicy note to the butter topping. But, because I wanted to present something connected to my summer holiday, and because I wanted to bring the book from which I have taken the recipes to your attention, I present these very young ‘historical recipes’. In fact, there are many specialty seafood dishes throughout the country, varying in style and preparation, yet equally delicious.

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