I think the song itself hit really close to home. Save me mom, I'm passing away I gotta go to bed early so I wake up for school From people, seeing comments from people who’ve never heard my music but now they’ve heard blackout and they’re like a new fan saying that I’ve saved them. But I still bought all of his product when we linked at the spot My mom found it, turned around to see the family I couldn't put my finger on it so I had to explore It's almost like they heard me fucking say it cause they hugging me I said "Deal." I'm like "Yeah, yeah homie. And my sister was actually into drugs for a solid two years and had to uproot her entire life and move I think four hours from where she was in school, she had to drop out, because she was getting into a bunch of drugs. Then went home the next day to make a mountain of lies They could really resonate and help what they’re dealing with. I started feelin' nervous but drank it then felt hollow They realize they like, they wanted to kill themselves prior to the song, but now they realize it’s full of regret. She's pissed off 'cause she heard that I've been drinking myself Where would I be in two years like how far would it go? Then boom, I blacked out, I didn't wake up til' noon Met in person then I tried the shit And it's fucked up, 'cause she was only tryna be nice Y'all are here to try to take away my substances I never meant to hurt you I need some stronger medication, so I called up a friend We walked to his crib and we stole the bottle, I'm like "Yeah, yeah homie. Just tell my story and let them know that I'm sorry Man I would wake up, and then I perch into the mirror That's when I realized what the fuck this is I'm confused 'cause his mood was prudent and too thrilled Especially like, I went into the dark place after friends passed away, and seeing family die first hand, so it was just one of those situations where, if I could turn a negative into a positive and maybe help out other people going through similar situations. But there's some more inside the liquor cabinet we can drink tomorrow" I wish I didn't put that bullet through the back of my brain. Always had some food on my plate and a place to bite in And then that’s when I had the idea like I could really write a track where the first half is like my life my story, and then the last half is where would it have led me. —> Feel the tension of the chase with a unique camera perspective —> Each stage ends with a progressively harder boss fight —> Collect coins and funnel cakes to open chests and win new customizations for your heroes —> Over 45 unique collectable heroes and accessories —> How many jumps can you manage before the Ape chases you down? Where my struggle would begin, then his struggle would stop Shit I’ve always been a story teller. I mean family is proud that I turned my life around, because it was going down a dark path. Give me something else." 'Cause he knew that in the end and it could double his guap

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