That's wrong. But my little electric blanket is a huge help. ... And–this is what makes the difference– that fare includes all dining car meals for both passengers. Brother has been allocated Roomette 002. If your budget can afford it, my first suggestion would be that you book a Family Bedroom, which is a large room with two adult sized berths, both at “ground level”. I don’t think I would tip $1 at a time for a service. Honestly, given that they can't really afford much more than a couple bucks for a tip per meal, I wonder if it'd be better to simply leave a bit larger tip at the end when detraining. And, of course, it’s more convenient not having to go down the hall to the lavatory facilities. You will save a lot of money, I just looked at a possible trip. That way you can use the facilities in the room easily and can change into your clothes under the bunk when you get up. A $20 tip at the end may look better than some $2 tips here and there with a $5 tip at the end. Travelling on the California Zephyr. Check it out ad add it up. I ask the car attendant to make up the upper berth, which leaves moving-around space the lower area. JavaScript is disabled. You can purchase meals and snacks that you can eat at a table if desired. . Sounds very tight – especially once the outer door is closed. Also what is dress attire in meal cars!? It’s close to the coffee urn, too. I don't think I've ever seen anyone tip an airline attendant and they are providing a similar service and are paid good. In my opinion, it is OK to eat meals in your room, however, I would tip more than $1-2 for each meal. Rookie train travelers always have the same reaction when they first board an Amtrak sleeping car and poke their heads into a roomette: “We’re going to spend two days and two nights. Which do you prefer? it is a fantastic trip. Well, you got me with the first question, but I will do my best to find out and I will email the answer. I carry a small rolling suitcase and store it on the shelf/step and that works very nicely. }. At any rate, check your tickets to be sure you have bedrooms B and C or bedrooms D and E. There is a solid wall between bedrooms C and D. For a view of Donner Lake, make sure to be on the left side of the train after leaving Colfax, California. I'd like to eat my included meals in my room. I don't think there is any good solution here to avoid tipping. However, it is customary". Both the lower and upper berths in a Viewliner have windows. Cafe. Neither of you will have to use an upper berth, both will have privacy when you want it, and you can see out of both sides of the train. Whether it's a full sit-down meal or more informal food service, many trains have one or more option for onboard dining. I don’t know how else to explain it. And what is situation during day? Maybe best to tell the person you will catch up upon departing and then whatever you can afford will have to do. Viewliners are on the two Florida trains, the Lake Shore Limited, the Crescent and the Csrdinal. Can he request a different Roomette, as this one will probably be quite noisy? Any problems with Claustraphobia? I'd like to eat my included meals in my room. That is what I do. Car 0631. Rather there is a step built into the wall. In this case, whether you eat in your room or eat in the dining car, you still need to tip someone (either the SCA or the waitstaff serving you). Totally agree, it is better to tip at the end for all services received from the SCA during the course of the trip. I really hate it when I get a report like this. Is it wise to bring your own toilet paper?

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