Robin, We don’t say that a sow is ‘pigging’. In South America, there is also a similar type of hog. This is why, people who plan to own Guinea hogs should be aware of their emotional sensitivity. I know it can be stressful being a pig momma sometimes! Guinea Hog mothers are docile and easy to work with even during labor, with good mothering ability. We have no vet in the area that does house visits. I have a personal saying regarding this aspect in life. Small pigs are the most demanded breeds of pigs to be raised and kept as pets. Usually the first piglet is born and then there is a wait before the second pig is born. Photos are courtesy of and copyright by the owners listed, and may not be reproduced without written permission by the owner. They chase each other and the chickens around all day. There are a number of pig pregnancy detection devices available online. Your donations are both welcomed and appreciated. It’s very unlikely that your sow’s ovary came out. We have spent hundreds of hours working on this site so you can take great care of your new pet pig. After the piglets are all born, she will pass the placenta. Hey Nikaila! John lassoed them, which was quite humorous to watch as they “walked” him like big dogs would walk their owners. Hi, I’ve bought 2 pot belly’s, 1male 1female. A typical sow may weigh 400 pounds. Is it possible for them to be in labor with no milk? There are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for when your pig is giving birth. She doesn’t have the pot-bellied appearance yet. Is this a normal labor issue so.etimes and the babies will be fine or do I need to get ride if her. Not all dogs can learn as fast as a hog can, as some dogs are known to be stubborn or even be full of pride. He/she will probably be able to tell you over the phone if it is an actual emergency situation or if it is something that will work itself out. The American Guinea Hog is no exception – but it takes things to the next level. This sow has plenty of milk available for nursing. Why is my sow not coming to heat 3 months after farrowing? Odds are that everything is going to work out. Predators do not have to be on guard most of the time, they are usually comfortable anywhere and don’t struggle as hard as a prey when searching for food. If you’re interested in learning more about breeding, you can check our article about that here. Whether you want to continue breeding is up to you, but it is advisable to breed your girls earlier rather than later, so that they are adding to the gene pool. They remember a lot of things, be it good or negative. Kindly get back to me if there is any advice thank you. My potbelly had a still born baby at 9am and at 6pm she had no other baby’s but she still shows labour sighns and contractions what do i do. You can add things like soybean oil, vegetable oil and corn oil to her food. The first couple hours I saw her pushing a couple of times. Register now to get access to ALL current video workshops and prerecorded webinars plus anything new that we add through the end of 2020. I’m going to dive in to what you can expect with pig pregnancy. By 6 months of age, you might have a 60 lb pig with a 50% carcass weight, and by 1 year of age you may have a pig about 120 lbs with approximately 60 lbs carcass weight. When our sow done of giving birth the ovary was came out.. What do we do.? If you know the date that your pig was bred, you can use a simple calculator like this one or this one to approximate when she will give birth. American Guinea hogs can grow easily bored when isolated or irritable when kept in an uncomfortable place and more. However, there is no denying that they are amazing pets and owners get their own benefits out of raising one. Many first time owners are not aware that hogs need sufficient space in order to function better. Vet came and gave her a shot because she was breathing funny, and she had a perfect litter of 6 piglets 3 days later. Male pigs will eat or kill new piglets so that the female will come back in heat so that he can breed her again. A farrowing crate can help lower the number of piglet deaths tremendously if used properly. Although they function better under cool temperatures, they can still be sensitive to severe cold or extreme heat. The members and board of the American Guinea Hog Association work very hard to devote their time and resources to preserving the American guinea hog. Other animals may tolerate being kept in one spot, but not hogs or pigs. I wonder if she was just extremely uncomfortable? The Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo for a number of years was home to several guinea hogs. It was fun today; once we got them moved to the new 2-acre paddock, all they did was find a little bit of space to fall asleep in. You might also want to rule out a possible reproductive infection before breeding her again. Hi ma’am… Can I ask about giving birth of the sow.. The male continues to ride the two females who have become very large we are watching for all the signs of pregnancy and think both females are pregnant but the male continues to ride them. Email me at: The amount of time it takes also depends on how many piglets there are. They never hurt one another (or the chickens for that matter); I just didn’t know how all that activity would be for momma and the babies — better to be safe. You can check out this extension article about feeding pregnant pigs. IF the piglets have been weaned already, then consider feeding and water. Hello.. i have a female and a male pig…. Also, consider the temperature. Shes was fine but when she went into labor she turned psycho. [1] The Guinea hog is a rare breed with a black coat, sturdy body, curly tail and upright ears. She will root around, possibly become more vocal and won’t be able to get comfortable. When exposed to a male, Guinea Hog sows can have 2 to 2.5 litters per year, with 2 being the most common. The American Guinea hogs are wonderful pets for first time owners because of their great temperament. This is commonly due to mucous in the nose. Did you know that raising your voice can also leave a bad impact on your pigs? If they are being kept as indoor pets, the best solution is to give them access to at least one or two rooms to give them comfort. The Guinea hog, officially named American Guinea Hog, also called the pineywoods Guinea, Guinea forest hog, acorn eater, and yard pig, is a breed of domestic pig originating in the United States. The vulva is the external female reproductive organs. Unlike most breeds of pigs, the American Guinea hog can actually do very well with children as they rarely develop a dominant behavior.

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