Road Lovelo is a classic geometric San Serif font which has two lined version. This 80s font is curvy and big. Thunderstorm is a hand-painted 80s typeface that emulates classic show titles from the past. Sofachrome is from category Sci-Fi. Lovelo has different faces such as Light, Bold, and Black. It is packed with letters, numbers, and punctuation. The pack includes a neon sans-serif font and a neon script font. This typeface comes only with one font file; Jersey Sharp.ttf. Neon machine is one of amazing 80s fonts which is created by Darrell Flood. Mermaid is perfect for any project. By using this font you will be able to connect with your audience more effectively. This decade was absolutely expressive in terms of music too. Get inspired to make great graphics. Host meetups. Check out this cool 80s type script and add a really cool touch to your retro designs. Some upper and lower letters are different and the lower letters are more traditional. Blocky, pixel-based typefaces were popular and are a key indicator of 80s style today. This glowing 80’s style display font with its modern continuous lines that remind us of the 80’s will look perfect on signs. Love the video games of the 80s? Outrunner includes lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and diacritics. Friday Sunday is a cool retro font with a nice modern edge. This font is a Techno headline buster. This natural, handwritten typeface was made by designer khurasan. Bayhore is one of the dramatic 80s fonts which has a vaporwave style and feel and is designed by Sam Parrett. Try it out on video games or movie titles. Fernandez-Fountain. Inspired by Halloween, the letters were created to emulate spooky ghost shapes and funny characters. Sign up. As you can see and these fonts reveal the 80’s were quite something! This all caps font is based on the Pepsi logo. Its sultry style is soft and elegant, making it the perfect fit for wedding designs. This font is a great choice for horror 80s movie posters. Or tell your story as you would in school. Check it out! font contains all upper case letters and also ligatures. This font This font is designed by Renzler Design. This font is 100% free and comes with2 font files. Make an impact with a cool handwritten look that's hard to miss. belongs to in Script > Handwritten category. Craving a little nostalgia? Equalize is one of cool 80’s fonts from the Italic category which is created by Chequered Ink. Prisma is a geometric and modern font. This font contains 1 style. This wicked 80s type design is inspired by Star Wars. Use it for a retro twist to any poster or project. Eighties text fonts like this Ambisi font are like no other. Try it out on posters, invites, or stationery. of the number eight. This font is 100% free so feel free to use it for commercial purposes like logos, book covers, and posters. This fancy groovy font is created by Levi Szekeres. In those days people were carefree and also experimental in their designs which are in contrast to today’s minimalism. If you want to immediately grab your audience’s attention in your designs then OTTANTA should be your choice. Here's another impressive brush font to add to your arsenal. So where's the party? The font is inspired by the movie Back to the Future which was the biggest movie of 1985. This font will transport all the For more great results, personalize the 80s lettering to fit your brand's style. This font includes A-Z uppercase and lowercase and also numbers and symbols. So how will you incorporate these cool designs into your next work? Uppercase letters and numbers are included in Razor. Made by designer yandidesigns, this bold scratch font is new and unique. This Techno Sci-fi font is inspired by This retro, classic script could easily have come out of any vintage film. There is nothing like a classic sci-fi movie from the 80s. This Techno Sci-fi font is created by Cyril Bourreau. Collaborate. also numbers are included in Flash Back. This font can be used for headings, invitations, game logos, labels, movie posters, greeting cards, book covers, quotes, album covers, etc. Lazer 84 by Sunrise Digital is a retro style and brush font and is inspired by 80’s. If you are looking for 80’s feel to your design Orlando is a great choice. This typeface by Phil Steinschneider is a Techno font. Universal Serif by Khiam Mincey is manufactured with High-Logic FontCreator. This font comes with two different weights naming Pop and Regular. Feeling burnt out? If you're looking for a logo design that looks effortlessly natural, try the Saltino typeface. It is good to know that this font belongs to the following category: high-tech, industrial. Get letters, numbers, and punctuation with this set! The Techno scorpion is manufactured by Geronimo Font Studios and is a modern bold all caps font. You can use this font for calligraphy. Soloist is from Sci-Fi category. Sega logo is in Techno > Sci-fi category and is only available in capital letters. It looks great on gaming projects and any other retro designs. The modern Road Check out these links: This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid Give it a try! You will love this cool font! This font is designed by Unio which is a creative studio. It features a realistic brush style with lots of texture. It is stylish and quirky. Knockouts, swashes, and interesting geometric features add visual interest to lettering, even if it isn’t quick to understand. But that’s not the only style that feels very 80s. Express your creative juices with the Artzopo font. This script font is perfect for logos, flyers, posters, and more. This next cool 80s font really stands out on posters, logos, and header designs. Brat Brush typeface is a fun marker pen font. On the other hand, if a subscription isn't your thing and you prefer to get 80s style fonts one at a time, then you'll love our single-purchase marketplace, GraphicRiver. This font is inspired by the film, Guardians of the Galaxy. With this cool font, you can make amazing posters and headlines. Typefaces that work with a neon glow are a very 80s design. design. Different characters are included in this Sci-fi Techno font. Here's another great neon 80s font to add to your collection. Print and digital projects can all benefit from the fun 80s retro style when it comes to choosing funky fonts. This Heatwave font might be just the fit for your 80s poster. It features stylish capital and lowercase letters you can definitely bring into modern designs. Brush fonts are one of the best ways to add a little edge to your projects. For personal use, you won’t need to consider a donation. So make sure to grab this creative typeface inspired by the neon lights of the 1980s. Handmade fonts are created by scanning in high-resolution images of letters elegantly brushed by hand. Without further ado, let me show you some of the coolest retro fonts from the 80s you can get from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. This serif font is suitable for apparel design and numbering sports jerseys. The Minority retro font features a hand-painted condensed script that is bold and explosive. Orlando includes capital letters, numerals, and basic punctuation. An extraordinary design by Cotbada-studio, this script is flirty and makes any packaging stand out. The moment people catch a glimpse of this font, they will feel nostalgic. This bold font is loud and overwhelming. Themes New fonts. you can freely use it for personal use. Required fields are marked *, Not a member yet? This 80s script font is destined to give your work a bold new aesthetic. This decade definitely had a pretty distinct feel. Starlit drive has 20 swashes and the fast strokes are perfect to underline your starlit drive text and also to add fitness to our lettering. The awesomeness of 80’s is what this font got inspired by. Ferguso - Aesthetic Sans Serif Font (OTF) (Envato Elements) This nice sans-serif eighties font is … Jane Austen by Pia Frauss is free for personal use. Designing will be quick and easy! Looking for the best 80s fonts to complete your projects? This modern futuristic font has an energetic style. The possibilities are limitless with this one. This Techno font is a wide industrial headliner. This font is designed by Typodermic and is an all caps Techno font. This font is very stylish and attractive. Stay inspired with a creative typography project. About / Membership / Advertising & Sponsorship / Privacy, 80s Fonts: A Retro Typographic Trend (+ Examples), 2 Million+ Digital Assets, With Unlimited Downloads, 15+ Background Design Trends & Styles for 2020, Isometric Design & Illustration: An Eye-Catching Trend. Try it out on invites and print design too! Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This super versatile font family is perfect for your creative designs and can create a vintage look. This extra bold font has 163 Glyphs. This modern san serif font will present 80’s style like in video games. Once again remember that this hip look font is an all-caps font. You can use this font for personal non-profit purposes. Different sets of files such as Novanta Font, Novanta Vector, Novanta Pattern, Novanta Style are included. This font has three sets of each letter. You can use this nostalgic font for your different projects such as logo, game logo, flyer, poster, movie posters, advertising and T-shirts and any other project that you imagine. Uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation are included in the font. Megaton is a really cool 80s typeface. Designed entirely by hand, this signature font will work perfectly with book covers, magazines, and text effects. Inspired by everything from the futuristic sci-fi films to the awesome retro graphics, designers are getting really creative with their 80s style fonts. Khurasan is the designer of this high-quality font. You can even test drive this 80s type font with any word by visiting the preview link. Sofachrome is 100% free and comes with two font files; sofachrome rg.ttf and sofachrome rg it.ttf. This font won’t be a good choice for the paragraphs of our texts but would be ideal for, magazines, logos, headlines, names, and title. Included in this download are letters, numbers, and additional alternates and ligatures. This charismatic font is suitable for a wide range of designing projects in which you want to create 80’s and also 90’s feel. BLKBK Fonts is the designer of this font.

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