If you want to upgrade them to a second building, you could do that with about 12,000 diamonds. The Torch/Flashlight clears a column of fog tiles, provided there is at least one empty tile in that column. The Lower Numbers in brackets are for BA. Lock Picks can also be purchased on this window for 50 Diamonds each, however you can only purchase the amount needed needed to give you a full set of 10 Lock Picks. The player begins with 7 Candles, 3 Torches/Flashlights and 1 Lantern. The second is avatars. New for Winter 2020! In addition, there are more mini quest series activated by dolls, which can then be found in the built-in mini-game. The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes. Tools are distinctive in the fact that they cannot be obtained from the rewards of quests. This means that the active player will receive 4,970 tickets during the event, plus those they get from the incidents and the mini quest series. Each aspect is explained in detail in the following sections. Collect 10 Lock Picks and you can open a previous days box that you could not find a key for. As you can see, the event window contains 6 main elements. After completing the Main Quests, 32 quests, corresponding to each day of the Winter Event, will be presented daily. It cannot work on Travel Cases. The player may find toys when clearing the fog in the circus. Once the City is fully illuminated, the City will be refreshed and the assigned Grand Prize will be credited to the player's inventory. The found light bulbs are then displayed in a progress bar at the top of the event window. The player may be expected to receive the following amount of Tickets if they complete the entire event and Login Daily. That’s what we find so cleverly solved. If you find the Reindeer you can purchase the selected item/s from the Sleigh. The additional quest lines have to get started manually by the player. Hee! Rewards a Haunted House when all quests are completed. However, fog that has been fully exposed by using tools on adjacent tiles clearly show the prize that lies within. They are: The mechanics of this event are similar to last years Halloween Event. All quest lines consist of 5 quests each. Milestone Bonus of 1,200 Tickets Since the largest package offers the most for the price, it is recommended to always fall back on it. This event has proceeded from 10 th September and it will be running till 30 th September. Instead, they have to be bought using the event currency, Tickets. This will be our first guide on the event; we are looking to release a second part due to the large amount of information and content we will be going through. During this Event the Daily Special does not change at midnight like in other Events. After receiving 17 prizes, the list starts over again from the beginning. The effect is quite spectacular, but will not be displayed if Animations under Settings is turned off. There are 3 tools, namely: The Candle can clear only one tile of fog at a time. Rewards a Scarecrow when all quests are completed. They are: Rewards remain the same until midnight server time or until the "Shuffle" is found in a present. These tickets are then used in the event window. New players love to use the mini quests to get items from previous years. If all quest lines have been completed at least once, the Collectors Reward may be collected. There are 120 tickets for the start of the event. 15th October 2020 to 3rd November 2020 Hee! You get this new building at level 1 for completing the 5th quest. However, it doesn't clear those tiles which are Travel Cases. You took the Winter Express, yes? eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'forgeofempirestips_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',113,'0','0'])); The mini-game has identical in game mechanics to the Archaeology event and last year’s Halloween event. Rurouni Kenshin Wiki. You can find a list of Advent Boxes as they appeared on Beta here. The Lantern is useful when one wants to clear tiles on a large scale. The current Daily Special may be obtainable from all Pumpkins during its 24-hour period. Besides the above, a Grand Prize exists which is obtained upon collection of 20 Light Bulbs. Rewards a 2h Mass Supply Rush item when all quests are completed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This contains:-. If found after a Double Payout, you will get a Calendar Key and a Lock Pick and 10 Stars if it is the first time you find it on the day or 2 Lock Picks and 10 Stars if found again. The player may find toys when clearing the fog in the Haunted Circus. As you can see, the event window contains 6 main elements. Candle, Torch/Flashlight and Lantern may be also obtained from the fog. The quest line of the same toy may be repeated as many times as the toy was found. Common Halloween Toy 1 (Kevin - The Buried Bear), Common Halloween Toy 2 (Sir Hugsalot - Red Eyes), Common Halloween Toy 3 (Secret Steve - The Locket), Common Halloween Toy 4 (Mr Tickles - Silver Veil), Silver Halloween Toy 1 (Betty Lou - Child's Play), Silver Halloween Toy 2 (Annabella - Annabella's Visit), Silver Halloween Toy 3 (Trixiebelle - Siren's Call). A Grand Prize is obtained once the tree lights up after all 20 Buildings are illuminated. Additionally for the duration of the event, one of the two treasure chests offered by the Nameless will always be a "Winter Event Lock Picks" chest. "Double Payout" doubles the reward in the next present to be opened. Additional Stars can be collected without using diamonds in the following ways: Additional Stars can be bought using diamonds: To access the presents window, click the Winter Event Button at the left side of the screen of your browser (pictured here) or at the right side in the app. The advantage of this is that a large number of tiles can be cleared in one go, while the disadvantage is that if a Travel Case tile blocks its path, it cannot work beyond it. How was your journey here? The Fall event arrives soon! The Creepy Ringmaster - Questgiver of the 2020 Halloween Event. The dolls are obviously hidden several times in the labyrinth, but the dolls of the lower row. Some of these are Light Bulbs which help in progressing towards the Grand Prize. We strive to be the definitive online resource to help you learn everything you need to know about playing Forge of Empires, and providing you with the guides, strategies and recommendations you need to master the game! This year the Circus comes to town for the Halloween Event. After accepting the deal, the collected Reindeer will reset and you can start collecting new Reindeer for the next deal. Some of the common prizes of foe fall event 2020 are, the shrine of knowledge, wishing well, wishing well shrinking kit, renovation kit, rogue hideout and etc. The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2020 is coming! Grand Prizes are rewarded upon collection of 20 Light Bulbs. Finally, you get 1,200 tickets for completing the milestone after quest 30. On the way you will encounter items hidden within fog which might be of value. Games. Towards the top of the playing window is the City. Starting mid of October, we will have the ever popular Halloween event again this year. You are not able to reject any reward once it is revealed in your Reindeer Collection and No item will be offered twice per deal as it seems. This gives you a whole range of additional tasks at once, but they are often the same. Please note you will only receive an avatar that you do not currently have, if you have all the Avatars then you are unlikely to find a hidden portrait. The player will need Stars to open presents - 10 stars for 1 present. The player has to manually click on the prize so that it is finally obtained. This time there is no sand to remove from antiques, no cobwebs to clear out from a library, but fog to clear. Forge of Empires Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The fifth and last task offers a special prize, such as the Jack O’Lantern Chapel, blueprints, medals, fragments of the graveyard upgrade kit, supply production accelerators, the scarecrow, the haunted house and the mad scientist’s laboratory. The matches won will be stacked up in the top right corner of the Event screen. You will only ever find avatars that you don’t already own. After completing that, the player will then immediately receive 5 quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day.

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